Dashmote gets a new interface

Oh boy! After a long wait, we have re-hauled our interface. It took a while, but we have listened to all your feedback and rethought the way you search for images. Gone are the days when you were looking for a button and could not find it.

Say hello to our new landing page

We know that when it comes to search, speed is important this is why we redesigned our landing page so you can start your search directly from the new page. 

Don't miss out and check out our curated collections section with images handpicked by our team. 


A new faster UI

We have completely overhauled the look and feel of our platform by making some key improvements. To begin with the search bar is not hiding anymore, it will follow you every step of your journey so you can access it easy and fast. As always you don't need to click on it, you can just start typing from anywhere we call this a click free experience.

Filtering is now instant so that you save time when searching for the best images. Just select which providers your prefer and we take care of the rest.


Buy your favorite images

The wait is over, you can now effortlessly purchase all the images your heart desires.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Don't forget we are in beta and always on the lookout for feedback.