Dashmote now offers free content

"One step closer to instant access to all visual content"
We did it, proudly announcing that we've expanded our search engine now reaching for free content for everyone to use. But that's not all. Quickly scroll down to see our most promising product updates.


Free content for everyone!

Sometimes you don't have a budget but still want an amazing image to enrich your content, designs or blog. Dashmote believes everyone should have instant access to visual content starting now you can start downloading free images from several free providers. Every 2 weeks more free content will be added to Dashmote so make sure you look for our updates in your inbox.

free providers4.gif

Curated Search results

Having a massive amount of images it does not simplify your life. This is why we have introduced curated search results. 

Bubble search suggestions

We've noticed our beloved users sometimes encounter difficulties finding relevant search combinations. That's why we came up with the "Bubble search suggest". Once you've put in a search term our A.I. will suggest a second keyword to narrow down your search. Pretty neat!


Crop & play with our test drive formats

Wondering how your image would look as Facebook banner or on the screen of a phone? Before purchasing an image you can now quickly test if your image if it's suitable for your needs. Just click the format you prefer and Voilà you see if the image suits you without even leaving the window.

Dashmote-stock image- testdrive

URL share

Found the perfect images and you are so excited that you automatically feel the need to share it with other people. With our shareable URL you just need to copy the link and share it with the person that you want. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Thanks for taking part on our adventure. We're still in beta so any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome, post them below and let us know who you  are :).